About charging fee

“All in one” service fee for the Application(Degree programs only): US$ 1,500 (applying for 5 departtments at once)

Because Taiwan study Support Center is a non-profit organization, with respect to procedures required to study abroad, our charging fee is generally lower than other profit agencies.
In addition beside services that are described below, a separate consultation is also available if you have any other questions or needs.

● What are providing a “All in one” service

① Fill and correction of admission application documents
② Chinese translation and correction of various documents
③ Recommendation
④ Documents of notarized procedures for the Embassy
⑤ Application fee
⑥ Transfer cost of application fee
⑦ Negotiation with the university.
⑧ Applying scholarship
⑨ Others (personnel expenses, communication expenses and office expenses, etc.)
*Depending on the university, you may have to pay certain application fees if you apply to a scholarship.

● Things that are not included in the “all in one” service

① Personal documents –
Diploma, transcripts, letters of recommendation from school, balance statement certificate, etc.
② Application fee for visa application
③ Passport, health certificate, airplane ticket, etc.

● Other note

Because Taiwan Study Support Center is a non-profit organization, therefore, it is necessary for us to charge certain fees for costs such as labor costs, office maintenance costs, communication costs, travel expenses, and related materials production costs in order to keep the center running.
Although the center will provide the essential support after admission, we will very appreciate if you can ask your university staffs or your friends for help if it is needed. However, in the case of emergency, the center will provide you the necessary support.