How to study aboard in Taiwan

Undergraduate programs as a regular student

First of all, according to the universities or departments you would to go, you will have to study Chinese at least 6 months before. Earlier you started learning a language, earlier you can learn it, which also allow you to pronounce better. Therefore, if you have the interest to study in Taiwan, we will recommend you to start learning Chinese as soon as possible.

Studying Chinese before departure

We have a partnership with “TW-Academy” that can provide you a complete Chinese formation. The course is usually 600 hours. In this course, you will be focusing not only on communication, but also on reading ability of Chines. (Fees are different depending on your objective but it would cost you approximately US$10,000~30,000 to reach a university level.)

Essential process when applying to undergraduate programs

Many Universities in Taiwan have set special seats for international students. Therefore, international student could have advantages in many aspects compared to local students.
Application documents will be different according to the university. You will find below the most common documents you will need to prepare your application.


 Example of essential documents
◎ Certificate of graduation of latest study
◎ Transcript of the latest study
◎ Proof of Chinese proficiency (In certain cases, a proof of English proficiency is also required)
◎ Experience of learning Chinese
◎ Autobiography and study plan
◎ 2 letters of recommendation on learning and Chinese abilities