Learning Chinese before departure

During the time you study in Taiwan, you will have the possibility to choose Chinese taught courses with local students as well as English taught courses. Considering that you will have to use Chinese in your daily life and it is necessary to reach a certain level of proficiency, taking course in Chinese could be a very good opportunity to improve faster. For this matter, we have established a partnership with TW-Academy to help you to improve your Chinese skill before studying in Taiwan.
All the teachers in TW-Academy are Taiwanese. They can not only help you to improve your Chinese skills, but also can share with you some basic knowledge about the Taiwanese culture. Furthermore, if you receive a certificate or a recommendation letter from TW-Academy, it would be an advantage while applying to the recommended universities by out center.
It is known that at least 2000 hours of learning is needed in order to acquire a language. Of course, 2000 hours is a minimum to understand the foundation of Chinese, especially for the listening skill. Considering the fact that it is not always possible for most of students to reach 2000 hours of Chinese learning in your community, TW-Academy do its best to provide a native-like environment for its students and this way, it will minimize the cultural shock at your arrival in Taiwan and get it easier for you to get a degree.
Because the choice of the pre-school is a central element for the success of your experience abroad, please put the highest consideration on this essential step of your learning process. Studying in Taiwan is a big life decision, so please do not think of it lightly. Please consider your goal and your financial situation, and pick the most efficient way of learning Chinese to achieve your goal.

If you want to learn Chinese before studying in Taiwan, please feel free to visit “TW-Academy”