Study aboard in Taiwan & Information about school

Just like every other country, there are many ways to study aboard in Taiwan. However, the center mainly provides the service of applying to undergraduate school for high school students.

Study in a language study program
The purpose of this program is to learn Mandarin Chinese from a few weeks to one year. If you are taking a course that ends within a period of less than 90 days, you are not required to apply for a student visa. In addition, it is possible to apply to a scholarship in some of the language schools that are associated with the university.

Study as a degree student
In this program, you will have to study with local students as a degree student. You can either choose programs in specialized subjects or rather focus on Chinese course in order to strengthen your language skills. Several universities in Taiwan have set special seats for international students. Therefore, international student could have advantages in many aspects compared to local students. Finally, it is also possible to participate to an exchange program with sister schools of the university and thus, obtain a duel degree at the same time.

University Info

~To those who are considering Language Study Abroad~

You will find below the comparison between language courses that are provided by the universities in Taiwan and “TW-Academy”
Courses offered by “TW-Academy” are intensive classes that target aboard studies, which allows you to learn Chinese in your own language and in your own country. In the other hand, although most people believe it is faster to learn the language in the host country, according to our observation, a lot of beginner level students could not really improve their Chinese skill from universities’ language classes due to lack of time in classes (2 hours per day). Also, many students have trouble with the Chinese grammar.
For those reasons, we recommend you to begin your studies of the Chinese language in “TW-Academy” rather than from a language school in Taiwan. Also, we recommend to those who already have basic Chinese skills to apply for a 4 years program for the reason that achieving business level in Chinese will become increasingly important in the future.


① Most of the language courses that are provided by Taiwan’s universities are taught in Mandarin. Therefore, it would be very difficult to follow the class for students who do not understand Chinese.
In addition, lessons are only 2 hours per day. Therefore, it will be hard for the students who wish to find a part-time job but do not understand Chinese.

② It would be difficult for those who only stay for a period less than one year to achieve business level in Chinese. Generally, in one year you can only achieve the level of daily communication.

③ If you choose to study in our institution, you will be able to have a part-time job in your free-time as language will not be a problem for you.
→ Since there is no significant financial difference to start from either Taiwan or your own country, we strongly recommend you to start from your country, which will help you to learn faster and to build a solid foundation of the language.

★ For learning basic Chinese, we recommend you to choose a professional school such as TW-Academy without changing your lifestyle at the present moment。
★ Let we help you to improve your Chinese and reach a business level!

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