Language study programs

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The goal of language school is to make students learn the desire language in a native environment for a period that is generally from few weeks to maximum a year. The number of people who attend to the Language School to learn Chinese in Taiwan has been increasing annually because students are able to choose the period that they want to take the class. Therefore, studies abroad has become one of the most popular choices at the present.
In addition, it would be extremely difficult for the students who do not possess basic skill of Chinese to study in Chinese speaking environment. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to build some foundations in your country at first.

~To those who are considering the “Language Study Abroad”~

You will find in this section the comparison between language courses that are provided by the universities in Taiwan and “TW-Academy”. Courses that are offered by “TW-Academy” are intensive and the lessons are oriented toward studies aboard, which allows you to learn Chinese in your own language and in your own country.

The intensive Chinese courses allow you to learn Chinese in a way as efficient as taking language courses in Taiwan but in your home country. Although many people believe it is faster to learn the language in a host country, according to our observation, several beginner students could not really improve their Chinese skills if they start their learning process from universities’ language courses due to the lack of practice. Also, many students have trouble with the Chinese grammar.
In addition, because it is very rare that students transfer from a language program to a regular undergraduate program, you must consider carefully which program you would like to apply. Also, you can only prepare the essential documents for applying universities in your own country, which means you will probably not be able to go back to your country to apply another program during the time you are aboard.

Therefore, we recommend you to receive assistance from native the Chinese speakers from Taiwan in TW-Academy instead of studying in a language school in Taiwan. Also, we recommend to students who have foundations in Chinese to apply as a regular undergraduate student. It will be a great help for you if you can achieve business level in Chinese in the future.


① Most of the language courses that are provided by Taiwan’s universities are taught in Mandarin. Therefore, it would be very difficult to follow the class for students who do not understand Chinese.
In addition, lessons are only 2 hours per day. Therefore, it will be hard for the students who wish to find a part-time job but do not understand Chinese.

② It would be difficult for those who only stay for a period less than one year to achieve business level in Chinese. Generally, in one year you can only achieve the level of daily communication.

③ If you choose to study in our institution, you will be able to have a part-time job in your free-time as language will not be a problem for you.
→ Since there is no significant financial difference to start from either Taiwan or your own country, we strongly recommend you to start from your country, which will help you to learn faster and to build a solid foundation of the language.

★ For learning basic Chinese, we recommend you to choose a professional school such as TW-Academy without changing your lifestyle at the present moment。
★ Let we help you to improve your Chinese and reach a business level!

TW International Academy HP :

If you have a U.S citizenship, you are not required to apply to a student visa if you are staying less than 90 days. Also, it is possible to apply to scholarships at some language schools that are associated with the universities. Please check the blow list of language schools that are associated with the universities that allow you to apply to a student visa.

Language center in universities

國立臺灣師範大學 國語教學中心
National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center
國立中央大學 語言中心華語組
Language Center of National Central University
國立臺灣大學 文學院語文中心
Language Center, College of Liberal Arts, National Taiwan University
輔仁大學 附屬語言中心
Language Center of Fu Jen Catholic University
國立政治大學 華語文教學中心
Chinese Language Center of National Chengchi University
銘傳大學 華語訓練中心
Mandarin Studies & Culture Centre of Ming Chuan University
中國文化大學 推廣部華語中心
Mandarin Learning Center of Chinese Culture Center
東海大學 華語中心
Tunghai University, the Chinese Language Center
國立交通大學 語言中心華語課程
Chinese Language Center of National Chiao Tung University
逢甲大學華語文 教學中心
Feng Chia University Chinese Language
國立清華大學 華語中心
Chinese Language Center of National Tsing Hua University
静宜大學 華語文教學中心
Providence University Chinese Language Education Center
國立高雄師範大學 語文教學中心
Center of Language and Culture Teaching, National Kaohsiung Normal University
實踐大學 華語中心
Shih Chien University Chinese Language Center
國立成功大學 文學院華語中心
National Cheng Kung University Chinese Language Center
國立台中教育大學 華語文中心
National Taichung University Chinese Language Center
國立中山大學 華語教學中心
National Sun Yat-sen University Chinese Language Centre
文藻外語大學 華語中心
Wenzao Chinese Languages Center
國立中正大學 語言中心
Center for Language Studies of National Chung Cheng University
開南大學 華語中心
Kainan University Chinese Learning Center
國立台北教育大學 華語文中心
Chinese Language Education Center of National Taipei University of Education