About Taiwan

Capital 台北 (Taipei)
Language Official language: Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese Hokkien and Hakka.
Currency New Taiwanese dollars. (US$1≒NT$31) updated on Dec. 2014
Consumption level It is relatively low compared to United States.
Weather The summer period starts from May to September. The temperature during summer is around 75 to 95oF . Winter in Taiwan is very short. The temperature during winter is around 55 to 70oF.
Time Difference Taiwan is 17 hours ahead of Hawaii and there is no summer time in Taiwan.
Flight time It would approximately take 11 hours from Honolulu.
Safety Public security is good in Taiwan. However, there are much more cars and motorcycles in Taiwan compared to Hawaii.
Transportation The transportation in Taiwan is very convenient. Taipei has developed the MRT (monorail style subway). Also, there are railroads, High Speed Rail (THSR), bus, and taxi.
Hospital There is a developed medical cares and institutions in Taiwan. Furthermore, foreigners who hold a resident permit will have the obligation to join the national health insurance (Around NT$680 per month.)
Other Taiwanese people are known as friendly to foreigners. Also, there are significant number of English and Japanese speakers among the Taiwanese population. Therefore, it is easy to seek for help