Reasons to study aboard in Taiwan

Nowadays, with the influence of globalization, it is possible to see that it is much more common that companies look for their prospective employees around the world. Consequently, the need of foreign languages has become essential requirement.

Under the trend of globalization, one of the most frequent languages that are globally used is English. However, due to the rapid economic expansion of China, the need of Chinese language skill has become increasingly important. We realized that many (Asian) students who enter college do not have their life goals set yet. Moreover, because of financial issues, many students could not finish college or even if they successively graduate from college, several could not find a career in their field.

Currently, many companies are looking for people who are able to speak Mandarin, especially in Asia. Also, as one of the most widely spoken language, Chinese will certainly seen its status increase in the global sphere in the future years. Therefore, it has become essential for the young generation to possess this language.

It may not have been well known in the United States, but the main language of Taiwan is also Chinese (Mandarin). In Taiwan, it is known that people are friendly to foreigners. Also, the security in Taiwan is very good compare to many of its neighbors. Therefore, it is a good place for international students to study aboard. Furthermore, Taiwan has been recommended by many international students for its good environment for learning Chinese. In addition, if you come to study aboard for 4 years in university instead of 1 year in language school, not only you can master the language, but you will also build connections with people from other countries in Asia.

With all the advantages that studies abroad could provide you, why don’t you start preparing your departure to Taiwan now!


Why is Chinese essential?

Although English is very important in the international community, it is certainly not enough if you are hoping to have a rewarding career in Asia.
Chinese language is the most speaking language in the world; there are around 1 .4 billion people who speak it, which make it central in the globalization world today.
Chinese is essential in many companies and industries, especially in the Chinese speaking countries or regions.
It is a fact that the economy in the western world is gradually declining, and as we can see the purchase power of consumers is getting higher in East Asia, especially China.

The reason why we have to recommend you to study aboard in Taiwan

「If you would like to learn Chinese, you find the right place!」
In Taiwan, people are speaking Mandarin Chinese alike China. However, Taiwan keeps most of the traditional Chinese culture such as traditional Chinese characters. (In China, simplified Chinese characters are used)
ポイント It is more advantageous for international students to apply.
Many universities in Taiwan have provided special seats for foreign students, which usually makes the application process friendlier and easier. (For example, no entrance exam.)
ポイント Taiwanese people are known as friendly to foreigners and visitors.
Taiwan is a popular place for tourism. Therefore, it is equipped with foreigner’s easy living environment.
ポイント Normally, for those who have studied aboard in Taiwan, they have better opportunities when they look for a job after graduation.
Because of their Chinese language and professional skills.
ポイント The tuition fee of the university is relatively reasonable.
As an example, it costs around US$3,500 annually for university. In addition, the low consumption level of Taiwan makes it easier for many foreigners to study aboard.
ポイント It is possible to do exchange programs in North America or Europe.
Many universities in Taiwan have established a partnership with many sister schools in Europe or North America, which make it possible for you to receive double/dual degree at a low price through certain programs.
ポイント To have the ability for “Global Communication”.
Since there are many students who came from Asia, Europe, and the United States who come to Taiwan, it is a significant advantage that you could have to not only study Chinese, but also gain your international experience during the time you are in Taiwan.
ポイント Scholarships are also available for international students.
Even if the tuition fees of the university are already relatively affordable in Taiwan, many Taiwanese universities are providing scholarships to help decreasing students ‘potential stress about economic issues.

Statistic numbers of international student in Taiwan.

There are around 25 000 international students who study aboard in Taiwan every year, those are included undergraduate students, graduate students, students who study in a language program, and exchange students from other countries.
For the past few years, Taiwan has attracted many international students to study aboard, especially from South East Asia, which is leaded by Malaysia.
Currently, there are around 2,500 students quota each for the international students for Japanese and the United States; approximately 200 new students came from these two countries every year, which makes students from Japan and the United States to have a really high possibility to get accepted by a Taiwanese university.

Schedule for preparing abroad studies in Taiwan

1. In advanced Chinese learning (around 800 hours to 2000 hours)
2. Around December make your choice among schools and the departments.
3. Around January ➔ prepare the necessary documents for the application
4. March~April ➔ Apply to chosen universities
5. May~ June ➔ receive results
6. July ~ August ➔ apply for visa
7. Around August ➔ arrange the admission procedure and book your airplane ticket.
8. September ➔ Depart to Taiwan!

Chinese learning prior departure

It is essential to learn Chinese before studying aboard in Taiwan because you will some basic Chinese skills.
Daily life level (Even if you apply for an English based program, you’d better study Chinese for daily use.)
Basic communication skill. Usually it takes 600~800 hours of Chinese lessons to achieve this level.
If you apply to a Chinese based program in a university
Fundamental to Basic Level. Usually it takes 800~1000 hours of Chinese lessons to achieve this level.
If you apply top universities of Taiwan
Intermediate to Advanced level. Usually it takes 1200~2000 hours of Chinese lessons to achieve this level
For Chinese learning prior in your country, we have a dedicated curriculum in conjunction with the Center “TW-academy”.
We guarantee 100 percent of accepted rate due to our partnership with several universities.


※There are also many chances to receive an extra scholarship by the university.
60% of international students who entered universities in the year 2014 had received a scholarship such as the tuition waiver for the first year and dormitory fees waiver.
※The fees above do not include school-prep expenses before enrolling in university.
※If you are taking Chinese lessons at “TW-academy”, tuition fees will be required. In addition, essential learning hours could differ according to different universities or subjects that you are studying (usually around 600~1500 hours).

It is also possible to study aboard in universities in Europe and to obtain a double degree via Taiwan.

In recent years, Taiwanese government has been actively promoting the internationalization of Taiwanese universities. Many universities in Taiwan have established a partnership with many sister schools in Europe or North America, which makes it possible for you to receive double/dual degree at a low price through certain programs.

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